Sitefinity Toolkit HttpModules

These HttpModules run on every page request, and modify the response as needed, either by redirecting to another page or modifying the state of the response.

In order to use these modules, they need to be registered in the '''web.config''' file of the individual Sitefinity websites (additional documentation needed).

Mobile Browser Detector

This HttpModule performs two tasks:
  1. Detect a device, setting a Session Variable flagging a device as being mobile
  2. Intercept URLs with the '''mobile=1''' or '''mobile=2''' querystring to override the detected settings

The urls mentioned above will override the Session Variable, then 301 redirect to the same page without the query string (for SEO). This HttpModule works together with the Detector Page to switch the site theme to the Mobile version.

FiftyOne Degrees

The mobile detector module makes use of the Mobile Tookit library from FiftyOne Degrees (

This detector is '''currently disabled''' due to a bug that prevents login to Sitefinity Administration. As a result the relevant toolkit fields should be commented out of web.config. Until the issue is resolved, the Sitefinity Toolkit detector will default to the built-in detection capabilities of ASP.NET.

Lower Case Urls

Any URLs that are not fully lower-case are intercepted by this HttpModule and 301 redirected to the fully-lowercase version of the same url, including any existing querystrings. Admin and internal pages are excluded from this check.

Offline Module

Allows the front-end side of the website to be taken offline, redirecting all external requests to the /OFFLINE.ASPX page. The back-end Administration will remain accessible to users in the "Administrators" role.

To enable, rename or create the file OFFLINE.TRUE at the root of the site. To disable and bring the site back online, rename or create the file OFFLINE.FALSE.

Page Notifications (INCOMPLETE)

This module was intended to intercept changes in the Page Workflow, and notify Approvers and Publishers that they need to take action. However, this module is not complete nor functional.

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