Sitefinity Toolkit Pages

The Sitefinity Toolkit defines some Base Pages that extend functionality to Sitefinity Sites.

404 Pages

This class allows a custom 404 page to be shown when a page is not found, and instead show a list of search results from the Sitefinity Search index.

To use, create a webform (for example 404.aspx) and change the base class from ''Page'' to ''Error404'' (be sure to reference the correct namespace). The page also needs a repeater to show the results (additional documentation required)

Mobile Detecting Page

This page works alongside the Mobile Browser Detector Module to change the theme of the current page to the Mobile version if a mobile device is detected.

To use, locate the page /SITEFINITY/CMSENTRYPOINT.ASPX and change it so that the page instead inherits from ''DetectingPage''.

You MUST also define a theme with the name "Mobile" in the /APP_THEMES folder of each website using this page, as well as a MOBILE.MASTER page (exact file name must match) for rendering the Mobile version of the site (additional documentation needed).

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