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Sitefinity Toolkit Documentation

The Sitefinity Toolkit adds the following features to Sitefinity version 3.7:
  • JSON API - Allows retrieval of News and Event data in JSON format; used to communicate data between websited; could also be used for other applications such as mobile apps, etc
    • CacheHelper - Used by the API to cache JSON data to disk for better performance
  • HttpHandlers - ASHX handlers to retrieve specific pages or data. To use these handlers, they must be registered in the web.config for each site.
    1. API Handler - Retrieves the JSON data from the API (defined above)
    2. Calendar Feed - Generates an iCal feed of events (not complete)
    3. Event Reminder - Generates an iCal reminder for a specific event, using its Guid
    4. Site Map - Generates a Google-compatible XML sitemap for submission to search engines
    5. Smooth Menu Source - retrieves a simple navigation menu using list items (ul/li) from the pages in the Sitefinity SiteMap
  • HttpModules - Designed to run on every page request, modifying the response as needed by the module.
    1. Mobile Device Detection - Determines if the requesting browser is on a mobile device
    2. Lower Case Urls - Performs a 301 redirect of any requests not in lower-case to the lower-case url
    3. Offline Mode - Allows the front-end of a website to be taken down, leaving the administration accessible
    4. Module Notifications - Emails users when a page's workflow status changes (not complete, not functional)
  • Index-Providers - Allows additional content to be included in the Sitefinity Search Engine
    1. Events
    2. News
    3. Generic Content
  • Pages - Base classes for pages in the individual Sitefinity websites that need to be modified to include enhanced functionality
    1. 404 Page - Handles "404 Not Found" errors, showing users a list of search results based on the page they were attempting to reach
    2. Mobile Device Detector - Works in conjunciton with the Mobile Device Detector HttpModule to change the page theme to the Mobile version.
  • Templates - Base classes for the ItemPreview Admin templates for each of the main Sitefinity Modules. They are used to add Notification support to the Workflow for these modules.
    1. News
    2. Events
    3. Blog Posts
    4. Generic Content

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